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Welcome to the NeuroFedora blog. This blog is used to provide updates and share information related to NeuroFedora.

NeuroFedora is a volunteer driven initiative to provide a ready to use Fedora Linux based Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) platform for neuroscience. We believe that similar to Free Software, science should be free for all to use, share, modify, and study. The use of Free Software also aids reproducibility, data sharing, and collaboration in the research community. By making the tools used in the scientific process easier to use, NeuroFedora aims to take a step to enable this ideal.

The NeuroFedora community makes more than 200 FOSS software tools easily installable on the Fedora Linux operating system and its derivative platforms. We also provide a ready to use Fedora Linux based operating system that comes pre-installed with many tools for computational neuroscience. You can learn more about these artefacts in our documentation at

We are always looking for more volunteers to help us do more. The various contributor roles that we currently have set up can be found in the contributor documentation. You can even create a new role for yourself! Our volunteers generally work a few hours a week on NeuroFedora.

We would love to hear from you. Please use any of the communication channels from the top navigation bar to get in touch with the NeuroFedora community.