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Updated NeuroFedora Computational Neuroscience ISO image available

We've been working on making more software available in NeuroFedora. Neuron is now built with IV support, so models from ModelDB that use these should now be runnable using NeuroFedora.

The Computational Neuroscience ISO image has been updated to include these improvements. After receiving some feedback, we've also added Julia and R to the image. The new version, 20191201, is available for download here. The checksum file is also provided. So please test your download for correctness before you proceed to use it.

On a Linux system, please download both files (ISO and CHECKSUM), and run the following command in a terminal, in the directory where the files were downloaded, to verify the downloaded ISO:

sha256sum -c Fedora-31-Comp-Neuro-20191201-1-x86_64-CHECKSUM

Other updates

In the meantime, we continue to package more software from our (rather long) list. jLEMS is now in testing; Arbor is in ready for review; Napari is being worked upon; along with a bunch of other tools. Help is always welcome. So if you'd have the software development skills required to build tools from source or would like to develop these, please get in touch with us!

NeuroFedora at FOSDEM

We've submitted an abstract to the Open Research Tools and Technologies Devroom at FOSDEM which will be held Brussels on February 1 and 2. There will also be general Fedora presence at the event, with a booth too. You can learn more about Fedora at FOSDEM here.

Please get in touch with the people listed on the event page for more information on Fedora at FOSDEM. For NeuroFedora specific inquiries, you can contact major who is the NeuroFedora team member organising our presence at the event (or ping the team on our communication channels).

Where we need help

There's always lots to do. Here's a short list of where we need help:

I won't list the skills that these tasks need, because we're not simply looking for people who have them already. We are looking for people who'd like to promote Open Science, and we will help them learn the skills.

NeuroFedora is volunteer driven initiative and contributions in any form always welcome. You can get in touch with us here. We are happy to help you learn the skills needed to contribute to the project. In fact, that is one of the major goals of the initiative---to spread technical knowledge that is necessary to develop software for Neuroscience.