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Open positions: NeuroFedora is looking to take on trainees

Teamwork by Perry Grone on Unsplash

Photo by Perry Grone on Unsplash.

After the recent release of the Computational Neuroscience installable OS image, the NeuroFedora team is looking to work on to the next set of deliverables. For this, we need to expand the team.

I want to note that we are not only looking for people that may already have the necessary skills. We are looking for anyone interested in working in these areas that would perhaps like to acquire the required skills. We will teach the skills that we can, and where we cannot, we will involve experienced members of the Free/Open Source software community to help us. All one really needs is a few hours a week of free time.

We are looking for people interested in:

  • Scientific communication, marketing, outreach, and community engagement:
    • To spread information on the staggering amount of Free/Open Source Software that is available for Neuroscience to researchers and the community in general,
    • To disseminate the progress that the NeuroFedora team makes regularly to the community.
    • To just generally monitor our various communication channels to answer queries and participate in discussions with the team and users.
  • Software development:
    • There are still about 200 tools to include in NeuroFedora, so still lots of work to do here. Some tools related to computational neuroscience remain, so we are working on those. However, we want to start making some headway on the next deliverable that will be focussed on neuroimaging and data analysis. Not only do we need to build these tools from source, we also need to test them regularly, and push new versions to our users when developers make new releases.
    • We also want to provide easy to use containers for all the tools that we are including in NeuroFedora.
  • Neuro-imaging and data analysis in Neuroscience:
    • A lot of tools on our list are related to Neuro-imaging and data analysis. To effectively integrate these with the rest of NeuroFedora, we need more people with domain knowledge. If you work these areas or want to work in them and would like to learn more about these tools, NeuroFedora is a great informal environment to start in.

It is common knowledge that joining Free/Open source communities is an excellent way to pick up skills and experience. So, I especially encourage students to join one, even if it is not NeuroFedora.

I also have first hand experience of how busy a PhD candidate can get, but in my experience I also found it possible to free up a few hours a week to work on developing general skills that one may not necessarily be able to learn from daily research work. So, I also strongly encourage undergraduate/postgraduate research students and Ph.D. candidates to do the same.

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