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Showcase at CNS*2021

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash.

Join us for a NeuroFedora showcase at the 30th Annual meeting of the Organization for Computational Neuroscience (OCNS) on July 3, 2021. You can register for CNS*2021 here. The showcase will also be recorded for later viewing. The description of the showcase is below:

Open Neuroscience is heavily dependent on the availability of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) tools that support the modern scientific process. While more and more tools are now being developed using FOSS driven methods to ensure free (free to use, study, modify, and share---and so also free of cost) access to all, the complexity of these domain specific tools makes their uptake by the multi-disciplinary neuroscience target audience non-trivial.

The NeuroFedora community initiative aims to make it easier for all to use neuroscience software tools. Using the resources of the FOSS Fedora community, NeuroFedora volunteers identify, package, test, document, and disseminate neuroscience software for easy usage on the general purpose FOSS Fedora Linux Operating System (OS). As a result, users can easily install a myriad of software tools in only two steps: install any flavour of the Fedora OS; install the required tools using the in-built package manager.

To make common computational neuroscience tools even more accessible, NeuroFedora now provides an OS image that is ready to download and use. Users can obtain the CompNeuroFedora OS image from the community website at . They can either install it, or run it “live” from the installation image. The software showcase will introduce the audience to the NeuroFedora community initiative. It will demonstrate the CompNeuroFedora installation image and the plethora of software tools for computational neuroscience that it includes. It will also give the audience a quick overview of how the NeuroFedora community functions and how they may contribute.

User documentation for NeuroFedora can be found at