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Next Open NeuroFedora meeting: 29 January 1300 UTC

Photo by William White on Unsplash

Photo by William White on Unsplash.

Please join us at the next regular Open NeuroFedora team meeting on Monday 29 January at 1300 UTC. The meeting is a public meeting, and open for everyone to attend. You can join us in the Fedora meeting channel on (our Matrix instance). Note that you can also access this channel from other Matrix home severs, so you do not have to create a Fedora account just to attend the meeting.

You can use this link to convert the meeting time to your local time. Or, you can also use this command in the terminal:

$ date --date='TZ="UTC" 1300 2024-01-29'

The meeting will be chaired by @gui1ty. The agenda for the meeting is:

We hope to see you there!