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NeuroFedora update: 2019 week 4

Until now, I had been posting updates on my personal blog under the NeuroFedora tag, but I thought it was time we moved to a dedicated blog for NeuroFedora. This will allow others in the team to write posts, and, it'll ensure that all the information on NeuroFedora is now disseminated by specific channels.

So, this week, apart from the new blog:

  1. neuron is in review and should be approved this week.
  2. python-tvb-data is now in testing, so we can begin working on the main software for The Virtual Brain simulator.
  3. SPM12 is now a WIP. It bundles FieldTrip, so that will have to be packaged first.
  4. the STEPS simulator is now WIP. It bundles a few sources too, so they will have to be packaged first: easyloggingpp, and cvode are two major ones that need to be unbundled.
  5. the Arbor simulator is also a WIP. I ran into some trouble with CMake while trying to build it, but community members on the devel list were quite quick to point out the issue.

We're going to continue packaging software one by one. We currently have 140 tools on our list, so it'll take some time before all of them are available in NeuroFedora.

NeuroFedora is volunteer driven initiative and contributions in any form always welcome. You can get in touch with us here. We are happy to help you learn the skills needed to contribute to the project. In fact, that is one of the major goals of the initiative---to spread technical knowledge that is necessary to develop software for Neuroscience.