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NeuroFedora update: 2019 week 5

In the last week, we've continued to make progress on packages:

  1. The neuron review should be done in a few days. We can then begin on the MPI versions, and Python bindings.
  2. arbor is still a WIP. Here's a pre-print the developers published recently announcing it:
  3. Version 1 of the Brian Simulator is now available in the NeuroFedora extras COPR repository. This version is in maintenance mode only and users should prefer the new Brian2 simulator for their work. We only make version 1 available because PyNN currently does not support version 2---that is a work in progress. Version 1 of the simulator will not be provided for Fedora releases after 29 since Fedora 30+ are moving to Python3 only.

NeuroFedora is volunteer driven initiative and contributions in any form always welcome. You can get in touch with us here. We are happy to help you learn the skills needed to contribute to the project. In fact, that is one of the major goals of the initiative---to spread technical knowledge that is necessary to develop software for Neuroscience.