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NeuroFedora update: 2019 week 7

We continue to make progress on software that is to be included in NeuroFedora:

  • neuron was approved for inclusion and is now in testing. This is without MPI support, and does not currently contain Python bindings. These are both being worked on now.
  • auryn was approved for inclusion. While it builds fine on x86_64, i686, ppc64, it does not build on other secondary architectures: armv7hl, aarch64, s390x. So, we have filed a ticket upstream to clarify if these are supported. You can read more about the architectures Fedora supports here.
  • various other packages were updated to their latest versions: fsleyes, pydicom, and nibabel. You can test them by enabling the updates-testing repository and give feedback on these updates (documented here).
  • A number of packages need to be updated to their latest versions. Unfortunately, a few of these bundle software that must be removed, so it takes more time than simple updates: InsightToolkit, vxl, gdcm.
  • We announced NeuroFedora on Neurostars today also.

In other news, PyNN is being considered as an INCF standard/best practice. If you do use it, please provide your comments.

NeuroFedora is volunteer driven initiative and contributions in any form always welcome. You can get in touch with us here. We are happy to help you learn the skills needed to contribute to the project. In fact, that is one of the major goals of the initiative---to spread technical knowledge that is necessary to develop software for Neuroscience.